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Display for Crochet!

I plan on attending quite a few craft shows this fall and I’m working up a lot of inventory. My question is do any of you have any ideas or places online to look for display units. I saw a lady last year who literally had her entire booth space...

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Hi, my name is Louise, and I live in the UK. I’m 31 years old and a mom of 1 to my amazing 7 month old daughter Jessie so crochet time is few and far between but recently I’ve been able to get more done. My grandma taught me years ago and I’ve...

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Peggy8650 from Pa.

Been a whole year since I posted I would like to share some of my creations but don’t know how and if I can post them will someone tell me how to post pictures to the creation pages. Is there any special thing I can post or can I just post my...

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Hi! I'm New Here

Hi All! I am so happy that I found this site! I would like to introduce myself. My name is Michelle, I live in Mountain Home, Idaho in a remote area. I have 2 grown children and have been married to their father for a long time, lol! We both grew...

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Cool Thing I Just Found!

So, sorry if everyone already knows about this, but I just found it today and thought it was pretty cool, so decided I’d share it! Apparently some people either have a problem with or HATE having to make a magic circle, magic ring, whatever you...

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New to the Community

Hi, I’m Dee, and I want to introduce myself. I learned to crochet with my mom from a friend of Mom’s when I was about 8. Mom kept up with it all through the years, but I stopped a long time ago. I picked it back up 2 winters ago making scarves...

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Hooked on Islay

New and looking forward to sharing creations!

Hi. My name is Liz and I was taught crochet by my Mum over 40 years ago. I rediscovered the craft in January 2014 and haven’t stopped since! I enjoy making hats, bags, slippers and more. I live on the Isle of Islay in the Hebrides and call myself...

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This is me

Hi – My name is Jean and I’ve been crocheting for years. My grandmother taught me when I was a little girl. She also taught me to knit, embroider and sew, but crocheting is my favorite. I like to make functional items. Afghans are my favorite....

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Hi - Love to crochet

Am new to this site. I learned to crochet when I was in grammar school but have not really done anything with it until the past 3 or 4 years. There are many charities that need items for the homeless, poor, abused, hospitals, shelters, etc. and...

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Who I am and what I do:

I am a very happy grandmother of 6, a 21 year old girl, 19 old boy, 16 year old boy, 13 year old girl, 11 year old girl, and a 9 year old girl. Over the years I have had much fun making them all kind of goodies. I have made many layette sets, and...

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Hello New Here

I’m Carol. I’m 56, been crochet off and on for years. Goes in spurts, either I get bored after awhile and stop for a long time or I get excited and want to try every pattern I see, buy lots of yarn and then get bored again. Occasionally I do...

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The Next Generation

I’m so excited and had to share my good news. I’ve been asked to conduct crochet workshops at the Art Institute of St. Louis! It won’t be a regular class, but one of the many “fun” workshops they offer to students, faculty, and staff throughout...

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Thanks for allowing me into this great community

Hi, My name is Pat, I’m from Nova Scotia. I have been a crocheter off and on since I was 15. I so far have done basic items like hats and scarves, just the last couple of months I have started making new things. I love trying new patterns with...

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I'm new here

I have been crocheting since 1964. My girlfriend took a home economics class and learned how to crochet. She taught me, but I was unaware of dye lots and made a blue and white granny square afghan that was multiple shades of blue. It is still...

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I was taught to crochet by my husbands grandma.

I have been crochet for many years. Love making hats and things for my grandchildren. Hats are my favorite thing to make.

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Hi my name is Sharon I live in Castlegar BC I enjoy crocheting and just getting tired of doing hats and scarves would like some different ideas thanx

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just posted pictres

have ust posted som of my items I have done hope you will enjoy them as much as I enjoye making them. Some of the patterns I have changeover time to suit my needs. I hateto make he se pattern twice without changing something. I like my items t be...

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Infant military creations?

My grandson is serving in the marines, he and his wife are expecting a boy. I saw a cute post on face book with a little baby wearing a crochet Marine hat and diaper cover! I have searched and searched for this pattern with out luck. I would be...

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Good Evening everyone!!! I saw this site on Facebook and thought I would check it out. A little about me. My Nanny (Dad’s Mom) taught me a single crochet when I was little. I am now 32 and have picked it back up after having 2 kids (6 yrs and 13...

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Confusing wording

I have been working on a dress where the patten has some rather confusing wording and need some help knowing what it is talking about. The pattern states “to shape top: Dec 2 sts at both ends of every other row twice then dec 2 sts at beginning...