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So I need some spring time crochet ideas. Need to have about 50 items made by March 1. Help me out what are your favorite things to make for summer? What do others ask you to make for them?

Crochet.Community Theme: Spring

Spring is in the air!!! And here are some of the creations inspired by the season.   Your turn: Share your tips, strategies and stories here in the comments section (and embed photos of your creations)!  

Spring Babies #1: Expecting :)

Along with my daughter and niece I have two other close friends of hers expecting in the Spring, I’d like to crochet for them all. I will start with my daughter (due March 23- grandson)...

Spring Babies #3: Another finished

Another Goal finished. Very pleased on how the elephant bum pants turned out. It took a few elephant head trials to get the one I was pleased with. Lol

Spring Babies #2: One down

Loved the way the first blanket turned out. I posted in creations also made a matching hoodie to go along with the blanket. now to wait until Feb 22 to gift my daughter at her baby shower. Can’t wait.

My Crocheting Journal #35: yet another challenge - flower afghan

a friend messaged me and asked if I could help her make the flower afghan (Photo from the site) and the discussion turned into a mini group activity. I think there will be a...

Crochet.Community Theme: Green

March: St. Patrick’s Day; end of winter and beginning of spring — and new green growth. Yes, March is definitely the month of “green”. I took a meander through our Creations showcase and came up with a variety of green crocheted items. Here are...

Inspirations #1: Easter Blessings

I know that the first day of spring is designated as March 20th. However, March in the midwest where I was born doesn’t usually feel too much like spring. For me, Easter always seemed to be the more logical, fun, and yummy (mmmm, chocolate!)...

Crochet.Community Gazette: Issue 3.02 (February 2016)

Ah yes – February: the month of groundhogs and hearts. For those of us in the northern part of the world, we get excited about groundhog because, well, for those of you who don’t know, if Mr. (or Ms.) Groundhog sees his/her shadow on Feb. 2nd,...

2 steps forward, 1 step ... ?

2 steps forward, 1 step … ??? Sideways? It took me about three days, after finishing my “Note” afghan, to finally decide on my next creation. Once the decision was (finally) made, I was off and running and the stitches were flying. I couldn’t...