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The "Simple" Scarf

A little while ago I spotted a crescent-shaped scarf/shawl and fell in love; ever since I have been chomping at the bit to design one. This couldn’t be all that difficult, could it? Little did I realize what I was getting myself into! This... Collaboration #4 - Donation Creation #2: HATS & SCARVES for those in need

There isn’t much more rewarding than to give something to someone in need. This year, we are going to make HATS &/or SCARVES as our donation creation. You can choose your own recipient for your scarves. Here are some choices to consider:...

Cat shaped scarf

I’m trying something I’ve never done before its a cat scarf when done its suppose to look like a cat around your neck. Started on Saturday so far I have the nose done.

Luxury Bathroom Spa Gift Set CAL #4: Luxury Bathroom Spa Gift Set CAL - Soap Scrub

The last pattern of my Bathroom CAL is this Soap Scrub! The Free crochet pattern is available here on my blog: There is an extra matching pattern for Face...

Flower Scrubby

my infinity scarf

The Crazy Crochet Journey #8: Scary but Good Change

After logging on today, I realized it had been way too long since I have shared anything with my friends here at Crochet Community! Life has been insane, friends! In the last seven months since I last blogged, I stopped working as much, lived in...

Mesh Stitch Ladies Scarf

This is my first attempt to make a winter scarf. I created this beautiful scarf for myself to get ready for a visit in cold Michigan. Check out this item from my Etsy shop:...

my cowl neck scarf

my cowl neck scarf