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R2D2's Crochet Blanket Journey #1: Why I Am Making My First Pixel Afghan

While I was finishing off my The Art of Crochet Throw – Click To View My middle child, who is 6, who is obsessed with Star Wars, asked me to make him a blanket, as his younger brother has had one made and so had his older sister. Before anyone...

R2D2's Crochet Blanket Journey #2: Part 2: WIP R2D2

So I’ve made a start on the R2D2 pixel throw! I’ve made a dent into 2 balls of yarn, one white and one black! I’m loving how it’s going so far!!!

Inspirations #6: It's Turkey Time!

Now that we’ve all settled ourselves from our Halloween-induced sugar highs, it is time to turn our thoughts to that most delicious of holidays, Thanksgiving. As states, “Since [William] Bradford wrote of how the colonists had...