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This is really just a personal rant because I need a place to release some frustration and not too many people around me understand this type of frustration. I am working on a really cute little baby sweater. As I get into the pattern, it...

Knitting and Crochet Patterns Forums

Good news everyone – we’ve launched new Knitting and Crochet Patterns forum categories and thanks to Petra, there are 3 patterns uploaded already. Thank you Petra! Feel free to check them out and add some of your favorite patterns as well.

Directions and Patterns

I did a LIVE CHAT this morning in our Facebook group re: creating a pattern (as in a repeated design element).

Weekend Wonders: Stitch Patterns

Just wondering… What is your favourite stitch pattern?

Crochet.Community Collaboration #2 - Granny Squares #2: 52 Patterns

Our first step in our collaboration creation was to decide how we want to do the colours. 1. The decision was use as few or as many colours as you wish, however you wish. 2. It also seems that most people want to do join as you go, which...

Creation Challenge 5: Butterflies #1: Butterfly Patterns

My latest creations are butterflies and when I posted it to the site, meanjaws suggested that we create variations of the pattern. That would be SO much fun! I absolutely love the idea. So here we go! 1. The Inspiration 2. The Pattern The...

I am new here how to do I find patterns ...

To the things that people post ??

Hats/Beanies Patterns Contest #1: Announcement

Post any kind of a crochet hat or beanie (use standard +Add→new Creation) and win yarns from your favorite online shop in value of $50. Rules: All creations posted from November 1st to December 1st, 6:00 pm UTC take part in the contest. ...

Hats/Beanies Patterns Contest #3: 2nd Week Winner

After two weeks of our Hats/Beanies Contest we did a random draw and here is the 2nd Week winner: How to crochet a beanie (hat) by janegreen Congrats!

Hats/Beanies Patterns Contest #5: 4th Week Winner

Yesterday was the last day of our Hats/Beanies Contest and I would like to thank all of you, who participated in this contest. Here is the 4th week winner: Go Dolphin by Tina Rivera Congrats Tina!