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Shopping Bag #2 #1: The Bag Pattern

My daughter loves my shopping bag (shown below) … unfortunately, I didn’t provide the link to the pattern that I used nor did I save it … what?? Really?? Sigh. Shopping Bag #1 So now I have to make my own pattern, based on how I think I...

Crochet.Community Collaboration #3 - Collab-agon #2: hexagon pattern options

This will be our source of patterns to choose from for our voting process. Voting: Friday – Sundays (included) Please remember COPYRIGHT and give source information. A direct link to the pattern page works well, if you don’t have permission...


This is really just a personal rant because I need a place to release some frustration and not too many people around me understand this type of frustration. I am working on a really cute little baby sweater. As I get into the pattern, it...

Weekend Wonders: Stitch Patterns

Just wondering… What is your favourite stitch pattern?

Crochet.Community Collaboration #2 - Granny Squares #2: 52 Patterns

Our first step in our collaboration creation was to decide how we want to do the colours. 1. The decision was use as few or as many colours as you wish, however you wish. 2. It also seems that most people want to do join as you go, which...

Help understanding the pattern

BODY: With bright yellow yarn, ch 21. RND 1: Crochet 3 sc in second ch from hook. Sc in next 2 sts. 2 sc in next st. Sc in next st. 2 sc in next st. Sc in next st. 2 sc in next st. Sc in next 4 sts. 2 sc in next st. Sc in next st. 2 sc in...

Trying to find pattern

I am trying to find a pattern for this bedspread either for free or to purchase. I have spent many hours pouring over different sites trying to find it. Does anyone know where I can obtain a copy of the pattern.

looking for...hat pattern

I am looking for a super quick hat pattern. my daughter wants one in her football colors. Beanie or slouchy hat would be good.

My Crocheting Journal #5: Pattern 1; Debbie 0

Well, I am throwing in the towel with this latest project – a keyboard pattern. Attempt number 4 still wasn’t looking as good as I wanted so I am switching to another project. I’m tired. I’m still getting over being ill and I just don’t have...

suggestions wanted for blanket pattern.

I have been wanting to try my hand at a new pattern I saw for a “Drop in the Pond” blanket. Does anyone have any suggestions on which pattern works up best? Thanks.