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Weekend Wonders: Why crocheting?

I wonder … why do you do crocheting?

Why We LOVE Crocheting

Happy Valentine’s Day MONTH everyone… _Share what you love about crocheting, in the comments below _

Weekend Wonders: Favourite Crocheting Time

I wonder … what is your favourite time of day (or week) to do crocheting?

Creating design's #1: What inspired you creating your own design when you are crocheting?

Hello ! :) For me its my children personality, and their expressive free spirit of who they like on this week topic. I have three very younf children, they are a lot fun they are my go to helper’s.

My Crocheting Journal #35: yet another challenge - flower afghan

a friend messaged me and asked if I could help her make the flower afghan (Photo from the site) and the discussion turned into a mini group activity. I think there will be a...

My Crocheting Journal #28: Post-Christmas ....

I’m getting a twitch! No present to work on.. no projects with due date deadlines … This is a weird feeling … it’s like having a loss and an open-ended moment of possibilities, both at the same time.

My Crocheting Journal #17: Yarn Stash

Oh my…. that should probably be enough. I’m sure you can imagine what comes next! I took some time to (re) organize my yarn stash and, again, I say, “oh my!” I could say that it is too much yarn but there is the huge supply of the Colorama...

My Crocheting Journal #16: Gift Tag

I have had a few requests for crocheted items and I thought it would be nice to wrap them up nicely … and that includes a little gift tag with my name on it. The Tag includes my Crochet.Community profile link and email address (so they can...

My Crocheting Journal #19: Tool Storage

This morning (really early), after letting the cat out, I was contemplating what I would accomplish today… and “bam” — and idea popped into my head and, well, my day began and I was up and making the idea happen. A few years ago my niece gave...

My Crocheting Journal #43: Joining Yarn

Joining two pieces of yarn: I used to just knot it and tuck in the ends. Then I discovered the Russian Join method and I was hooked – no knots, just a thicker section of yarn. I liked it. Then I see the pretty cool knot that you make by...