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Sweet Little Snowflake - Free Pattern

Not too long ago I came across a post from Anabelia Craft Design offering a delightful Stars Garland (free pattern here). I tried her pattern and it came out wonderfully, but I was really looking for a dainty snowflake pattern. After playing a...

Creation Challenge 2 #1: Snowflakes

I have a quick (?) little challenge for you …. crochet a snowflake! Inspired by the snowflakes posted by janegreen (see below) AND the link shared, providing us with a free pattern… well, all that’s left is for us all to try our hand at making...

Crochet.Community Collaboration #3 - Collab-agon #58: hexagon 28 DESIGN


Crochet.Community Collaboration #3 - Collab-agon #38: Hexagon 18: DIRECTIONS

Our next hexagon: OPTION 28