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My Crocheting Journal #7: Crocodile Stitch / Baby Book

When the grandkids come for a visit, I never have anything for the 9 month old to play with … so I went shopping and couldn’t find anything that I liked and then realized that I could crochet something! Silly me. Since I don’t have anything to...

Crochet Crocodile Stitch

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Crochet Honeycomb Stitch

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Crochet Triangle and Puff Stitch

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Inspirations #6: It's Turkey Time!

Now that we’ve all settled ourselves from our Halloween-induced sugar highs, it is time to turn our thoughts to that most delicious of holidays, Thanksgiving. As states, “Since [William] Bradford wrote of how the colonists had...

Inspirations #2: 10+ Ways to Use Doilies

Some of us have been blessed to inherit vintage doilies. Some of us still adore the delicate patterns so lovingly hand crocheted. Some of us just love all things lace! No matter what category you fall in, most of us succumb to the allure of these...

TUNISIAN Pfeilraupe Scarf #1: First attempt

The arrow caterpillar shawl by Allie Aplenrose (TUNISIAN Crochet Simple Stitch with increase on one end, every other row.) I started the Pfeilraupe Scarf and didn’t like how I was doing the increases, although it would have made a lovely...

Crochet.Community Collaboration #3 - Collab-agon #56: Hexagon 27: DIRECTIONS

option 26

Crochet.Community Collaboration #3 - Collab-agon #24: Hexagon 11: DIRECTIONS

option #11 for Hexagon #11. Perfect option 11

Crochet.Community Collaboration #3 - Collab-agon #18: Hexagon 8: DIRECTIONS

here we go: next up is Option 10 Mini Hexagon Pattern Well here’s my first attempt at writing at pattern…. Let me know if you encounter any problems and I will try to help. When you get to my description of a bobble stitch please try not...