Mary Pauline M

Mary Pauline M

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Sep 2015    northern New Jersey

Late 40's happily single, born again Christian. Returning to crochet after many years. Would like to eventually learn tatting and knitting. Left-handed. Loves networking with others. Additional interests include: film photography, videography, blogging, video games and Esperanto.

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Two Generations of Jersey Girl Crocheters #2: ' A True ' E ' Or Not A True ' E ' ... That Is The Ultimate Question.

Hello everyone! Between Mom and I, we decided to try and post about our crochet adventures at least once a week. Our past week has cut a bit short on available crochet time, because while we were last crocheting together, there was a loud...

Two Generations of Jersey Girl Crocheters #1: Stepping Back to the Future with Granny Squares - Intro

Thanking Debbie Pribele for this great idea and opportunity ! Hi everyone! I’m blessed to have the best crochet teacher worldwide; none other than my Mom, Rose Marie Mahaydik. She taught me basics when I was around 7 and I will be turning the...