Mary Pauline M

Mary Pauline M

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Sep 2015    northern New Jersey

Late 40's happily single, born again Christian. Returning to crochet after many years. Would like to eventually learn tatting and knitting. Left-handed. Loves networking with others. Additional interests include: film photography, videography, blogging, video games and Esperanto.

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Two Generations of Jersey Girl Crocheters #3 - final update

Hello all, about two years ago, my mother and I had very briefly agreed to try and blog together on crocheting. We only had two posts done and her health, which had been declining, continued to do so rapidly. In addition, I had gone thru losing...

Two Generations of Jersey Girl Crocheters #2: ' A True ' E ' Or Not A True ' E ' ... That Is The Ultimate Question.

Hello everyone! Between Mom and I, we decided to try and post about our crochet adventures at least once a week. Our past week has cut a bit short on available crochet time, because while we were last crocheting together, there was a loud...

Two Generations of Jersey Girl Crocheters #1: Stepping Back to the Future with Granny Squares - Intro

Thanking Debbie Pribele for this great idea and opportunity ! Hi everyone! I’m blessed to have the best crochet teacher worldwide; none other than my Mom, Rose Marie Mahaydik. She taught me basics when I was around 7 and I will be turning the...