COLLABORATION Entrelac STAR OF BETHLEHEM quilt #3: The First Row

The first row consists of 6 squares (well, rectangles, actually), as per the design/directions by CrochetDevee. NOTE: the following 6×4 block was used by CrochetDevee using cotton yarn. For acrylic fibre. It was found to work better with 6×2...

Crochet.Community Collaboration #2 - Granny Squares #58: Square 25: DIRECTIONS

YOUR CHOICE: Option 20

Crochet.Community Collaboration #3 - Collab-agon #34: Hexagon 16: DIRECTIONS

YOUR CHOICE: option 24

Crochet.Community Collaboration #3 - Collab-agon #38: Hexagon 18: DIRECTIONS

Our next hexagon: OPTION 28

Crochet.Community Collaboration #2 - Granny Squares #62: Square 27: DIRECTIONS (final one)

What a lovely way to wrap up our Granny Square quilt! Option 22

Crochet.Community Collaboration #3 - Collab-agon #46: Hexagon 22

and the tie-breaker is… option 7

Crochet.Community Collaboration #3 - Collab-agon #52: Hexagon 25: directions

well, huh, how did that happen? Ok, so I had a conversation on the voting page and forgot to post the direction page. My apologies — again. Anyway, here we go Option 2

Tunisian Crochet In The Round #9: Afghan Update

I haven’t touched my crochet hooks for a couple weeks. Between not feeling well and having a major non-crochet project that I’ve been working on, I have had no time, energy, passion, or need to crochet. Yesterday, however, I had “me time”. I...

Crochet.Community Theme: Hearts

It’s February and that is the month of love, of hearts, and the colour red. This month we are showcasing HEART creations   Your turn: Share your tips, strategies and stories here in the comments section...

My Yarn Holders

My daughter bought me a yarn bowl for Christmas … what a wonderful surprise!! When I have smaller balls of yarn, that is what I use. I love it. Usually, though, I am working with the giant balls of yarn and the yarn bowl just doesn’t cut it....