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Member Of The Week

Thanks for making me Member Of The Week guys! You’re the best!

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Does Anyone Make Patterns?

I have a few things I need to have patterns made for and I am willing to pay. They will be from pictures. I’ve never made a pattern before and wouldn’t even know where to start. Does anyone teach a course on pattern making? Thanks!

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Almost 100 Free Motifs!

Here is the link to them on Pinterest. There is almost 100 free motifs, from hexagons, to circles to edges and everything inbetween. Enjoy!

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Need Ideas for Round Motifs

I started making a bunch of round motifs in 3 different colors, to make a table runner. I ran out of the green cotton yarn I was using and when I went to buy more, even though I got the same color, the hue is different. Now I don’t know what to...

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Display for Crochet!

I plan on attending quite a few craft shows this fall and I’m working up a lot of inventory. My question is do any of you have any ideas or places online to look for display units. I saw a lady last year who literally had her entire booth space...

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Cool Thing I Just Found!

So, sorry if everyone already knows about this, but I just found it today and thought it was pretty cool, so decided I’d share it! Apparently some people either have a problem with or HATE having to make a magic circle, magic ring, whatever you...

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Crocheted Owl

Nice to be here. Hope to make some friends and learn some things. I love to crochet and have been for about 1 year now. I like to crochet for family and friends, but I’m now starting to make some inventory to take on the road to some craft...