CrochetCommunity Community Guidelines

We’re committed to making CrochetCommunity a hassle-free experience. There are very few “rules,” but please read them carefully so you can enjoy being part of our community.


  • Use English, please.
  • Keep your posts crochet related.
  • Play nice. Keep it civil and respectful.
  • Keep it legal. Observe copyright and trademark law.
  • CrochetCommunity is a family friendly site. Don't post inappropriate, pornographic or shocking content.
  • No spam, no solictation.
  • Don't use CrochetCommunity to advertise or sell.
  • Make sure that you are posting to the appropriate site category before hitting the submit button.

Ownership of content

  • CrochetCommunity makes no claim of ownership to the posts. Your material remains your property.
  • All posts must fit within the guidelines of the site and may be edited by the site's moderators - without notice - to fit within the posting rules.
  • Posts may be used in the CrochetCommunity newsletters and CrochetCommunity social pages (Facebook, Pinterest etc.). Always with a link back to your original post on CrochetCommunity.
  • If you choose to leave the site, you have the choice of letting the posts remain or be removed.