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Alana Judah

Photo Editing

Is there a way to edit photos once they’ve been uploaded? Some of my pictures upload sideways and I need a way to rotate them. Thanks!

822 views, 0 by Debbie Pribele

Debbie Pribele

Was Your First Project A Scarf?

What was your first knitting/crocheting creation?    

370 views, 0 by Momma Bass

Momma Bass


For some reason I’m still under knit. Community. I should be in the crochet community. Only thing I do with knitting needles is hairpin lace and broomstick lace ;)

361 views, 0 by Debbie Pribele

Debbie Pribele

Milestone: 1400 creations

that’s a whole lot of crocheting posted on the site!

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Debbie Pribele

2,000 members

Nov. 22/14, @ 7AM EST, we are: " 1,999 crocheters making 3,926 comments on 1,239 creations, 141 blogs and 118 forum topics." I’m sure we’ll hit 2,000 today. Isn’t that amazing! Woohoo Crocheters!

591 views, 0 by Cheekry51

Need help finding pattern on this site

I’m new to this wonderful site and need some help. I found a beautiful pink baby blanket called “Heartwarming Wrap” Pattern is by Terry Kimbrough. I can’t figure out how to get the pattern. Can anyone help?

398 views, 0 by Momma Bass

Momma Bass

Hat contest.

Does the pattern have to be free? Does it have to be your own pattern? Is my copyright still protected?

428 views, 0 by Martin Sojka

Martin Sojka

Sooo much better search in the works...

We’re working on a much improved search experience… It will be first release this week on CakesDecor and Crochet.Community will follow in the next few days. You can already get a sneak peek on the Cakes pages. It’s coming to Blogs, Forums,...

536 views, 0 by Emma Stone

Emma Stone


I happened to stumble upon this website earlier and have to say I’m Hooked (see what i did there ;p) I think this website is a brilliant idea. i have posted the link on my facebook profile and posted it in a very popular crochet page :) The...