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Michal Bulla

5,000 Creations? When? Take a guess and win!

Since we didn’t reach the 5000 creations last year, we decided to do the contest again. Post a comment to this thread with your guess, when we will reach the 5,000 creations on CrochetCommunity Use this format: month/day Each member...

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Michal Bulla

5,000 Creations? When? Take a guess and win(old)!

=========== This contest is no longer active, since we didn’t reach the 5000 creations in 2015 and almost all active members used their votes already NEW VOTING HERE =========== We’re growing really fast and I think that it is the right...

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Martin Sojka

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Lou Woodhead

Deleting a Post

I tried deleting something by erasing all the descriptions I entered for a particular post then hit the save button. But obviously, the site didn’t let me do it. Anyone here could please tell me how to delete a creation that you don’t feel like...

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Thank You!

Thank you so much for the Member of the Week recognition. I enjoy both crochet & knitting. I love seeing all the fabulous creativity on this site. Thank you again & God Bless Debbie

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Thank you

I want to thank all you for reconizing my work. I have been crocheting and knitting on and off for 40 + years but more so in the last 5 or 6 years. I’m enjoying it more now because of the resources we have now. Not having to pay for patterns or...

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Michal Bulla

Major Design Revamp

Crochet.Community gets a major design revamp today. Let us know what you think.

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Debbie Pribele

Milestone: 7,000 members!

woo hoo … lookin’ good :D

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moving and would love to know of any good places to get yarn in New Hampshire?

I’m actually moving from CT to NH and don’t know anything about where I’m moving to. Wanted to know if anyone knows of anywhere that’s good to get yarns or craft fairs of sorts in New Hampshire in the lower east corner of the state? Any info is...

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Emma Stone

Mark all as read?

I love this website but having been away for a little while i have over 100 notifications. would it be possible to have a mark as read button?

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Michal Bulla

New Feature Alert: Follow Discussion Checkbox

Just a small but handy weekend upgrade. You can now see and use the ‘Follow discussion’ checkbox close to a Submit button when writing a new comment: Have a good Monday ;)

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has anyone through here ever gotten together in person to share patterns or make patterns?

Weird thought just popped into my mind. Has anyone ever gotten together with someone else through this site (face to face) to share patterns, or create new ones? Seems like there’s a lot of people not too far from each other on here. Just...

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Debbie Pribele

MILESTONE: 6,000 members!!

look at us, crocheting up a big-whopping crocheting site!!!

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Michal Bulla

Most Followed and Top Followers

Hey there, just a small update to our member listing pages. We added following two categories: Most followed Top followers Hope you’ll find them useful and stay tuned for more updates.

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Michal Bulla

Revamped Member Page

From this: To this: And looking great on mobile as a bonus: This is the right time to update your profile. Enjoy!

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Was curious to know the purpose of this link in the creation section of this website ? (silent)

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Michal Bulla

Replace one word in a movie title with yarn

Replace one word in a movie title with “yarn” or “yarns” and post the results below. Have fun :)

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Social Media and Hosting Classes

I have had lots of people ask me how to crochet or simply say “I have always wanted to learn how to do that” so I decided (with some encouragement from my loving husband) that I am going to start holding classes in my home to teach people how to...

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Debbie Pribele

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Hi, My name is Roni and I learned to crochet many years ago. . Life intervened and I got away from it. Picked it up about a year ago, and I have been madly creating since then. I started with snowman and have done dolls, animals and afghans...