"OH! This Shouldn't be Too Hard" #4: 32 of 54 Rows Complete? YA! We. Are. Done. Question Mark?

Well, this pattern has taken me on quite a journey. From “OH man, this is going to be pretty quick.” to “OH, MAN, am I going to finish this in time?”
I had quite a few challenges while working with this pattern. First off, I had NO idea how to read a pattern, I did make a coffee cozy with a pattern, but that was no where near this complicated. When confronted with a new row, and a new stitch, sometimes it took ten or more minutes to decipher. But in the end, I am super proud of getting the rows done correctly, with only 1 mistake that I found on the bobble stitch row.
Secondly, this is the first project where I had more than a few colour changes. I usually have trouble with it, but I feel like it went fairly well, I don’t see any ends showing, it went together so nicely.
Finally, time. Who knew changing stitches and yarn every row would be so time consuming?! If I didn’t have a time restriction I would have finished the entire 54 rows, but I didn’t want my memory of this awesome accomplishment to be me rushing to complete the pattern.
I’m really, really, proud of what I’ve done!

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My advice: Believe in yourself, believe in someone else, let someone believe in you.

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MandaPanda ...

Also. It’s relatively square which I’m happy about :)

Debbie Pribele ...

Well done
And look at those beautiful corners!!!
What a journey you have been on….definitely took your skills to a new level, bravo

Stormpixie ...

It looks beautiful, you must feel very proud! :)

Amie Jane ...

It looks great :)

MandaPanda ...

Im so proud! Thanks everyone!