My Latest Work #12: Presents for my CA Family

I like to make little crocheted Christmas presents for my family and friends in California, and even though I’m in Chicago now, I still want to keep up this “tradition”. I decided that this year would be snowflakes. How difficult to decide among the hundreds of patterns out there! But there was one that really caught my eye, and as soon as I saw it I knew this would be it.

Julia is the designer, and her blog and etsy store is called Draiguna. If you aren’t familiar with this fantastic designer, please check out her work. She primarily works with size 10 crochet thread and her work is magnificent! She has put together a whole “Wispweave” series and released her free snowflake pattern just in time for me to use it. (I’m sure she planned it that way!!!)

Draiguna Wispweave Snowflake

Just because I have an overwhelming need to make patterns “my own”, I did tweak this pattern just a little bit – I left off the last picot on the tips because I wanted a slightly more compact flake. I also used two colors -

My version with a white border

My version with a colored border

I like them with the two colors because they remind me of fancy decorated sugar cookies. I bought some glitter paint to add a little sparkle, but I wasn’t impressed with what I bought. The glitter was too fine and only showed up under bright light. Oh well. I’m sure the people getting them will forgive me.

Now here’s the funny part. There have been posts on crochet forums about NOT crocheting when you’re tired. Good advice! I did a test snowflake in solid blue when I was pretty tired one night, and the next morning I looked at it and realized I had really messed up the pattern in the middle. The amazing thing to me is that the rest of the rounds actually worked out! A Christmas miracle to be sure.

I wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and a great shopping weekend, and as always – Happy Crocheting!

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