My Latest Work #9: Still Hangin' in There

It looks like since I’ve been in Chicago to take care of my mom that one post a month on my blog will probably be the best I’ll be able to do. {It has been determined that my mom needs someone to live with her, so I’ll be staying in Chicago.} All the “after hospital” visits are now over so things have quieted down considerably. Whew! I appreciate the quiet. Now my next venture is to really go through the house and clean. I hate housework, but despite what my mom says, I know she hasn’t been able to really properly clean for at least a few years now (and of course she refused to get a maid!). So today I attacked the tv room. It took over two hours, but it’s as clean as I can get it.

In between all the appointments, cooking, and other cleaning, I did manage to get a couple hours in the evenings to work on more cross stitch. Currently I’m at four down and seven more to go, not counting the butterfly -

It always amazes me at how long these small kits take to do, but then again, they do have so many little stitches! As you can see, I haven’t cut them out to assemble the ornaments yet. I’ll get to that later. I know – famous last words!

Now, as I said in my last post, I’ve been going through extreme crochet withdrawl. Trust me, it has not been pretty. Then I had a chance to meet up with my nieces and nephews and their children recently, and it dawned on me that I’ve never made anything for this latest generation. What a horrid aunt I’ve been! So I asked them all what their favorite animal was and I’m in the process of making amigurumi for them. Luckily, I was able to find adorable patterns for each of the animals. Paid patterns (except for one), but cute just the same. This is the one for Lorelei that I’m working on now.

Toy Owl by Tanya Makarova of NustyUA, pattern here

This owl is sooo cute, but you definitely need some patience. So. Many. Feathers!!! And then you have to sew each one on. I’m sure it will be worth it, though. With any luck, my next post will show you the end result. Till then – happy crocheting!

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