Two Generations of Jersey Girl Crocheters #3 - final update

Hello all, about two years ago, my mother and I had very briefly agreed to try and blog together on crocheting. We only had two posts done and her health, which had been declining, continued to do so rapidly. In addition, I had gone thru losing my full-time retail career of over 30 + years when the employer went bankrupt.

Haven’t been online at all in the crochet world, as in mid January 2018, God brought my mother home. In addition, I had tried a career change in to New Jersey real estate, which was a horrible experience where I almost went in to personal bankruptcy. The church where I had been attending during this whole time was in serious operating difficulties and abruptly shut down for good two weeks after I left.

During this whole ordeal, the only crocheting that I had been doing were several filet crochet prayer clothes for those in need. Ironically, I have yet to crochet one for myself, although I really need one. I do miss the crochet world and am praying that I can come back soon.


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