"OH! This Shouldn't be Too Hard" #3: Oh, THAT'S How You Keep from Getting Discouraged!

So I accomplished about 3 percent of what I planned and expected to get done on my blanket this weekend. I wasn’t focused and kept getting distracted…although I did learn everyone should watch the “I Know That Voice” documentary on Netflix, it was captivating….oops I digress.
So, I was a bit disappointed that I wasn’t done or nearly done when I called it quits at 10 pm last night. I had promised Klassycroch that I would send a picture, and I decided to lay the blanket on the carpet, which is a nice neutral colour, and make sure it was all pretty and then take the picture. Up until now, all my pictures have been hasty ones, and not incredibly flattering.
So, I got down on the floor, spread it out, turned the lights on so I didn’t have to used the flash which seems to do funny things to the colours of the yarn…and snapped a couple of pictures.

Let me just tell you…if you are working on something, and you are getting discouraged (like I was with these darn bobble and popcorn stitches — they are easy to do, but take forever). Take a second and really look at what you have accomplished, what you have made, and it will make it a bit easier to keep going.

After I really looked at what I had in front of me, I said out loud. “I’m making THIS!” and that is pretty darn amazing.

29.5 rows of 54

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My advice: Believe in yourself, believe in someone else, let someone believe in you.

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Debbie Pribele ...

it’s beautiful!!
it looks big already

Amie Jane ...

It is beautiful – I love the colours you’re using ! x

MandaPanda ...

Thanks guys, its about 6 1/2 iPhones square LOL