My Latest Work #7: Whew!

Well, I was definitely doing a bit of nail-biting on this baby shower present, but I managed to get it done just in time. I sent it to my sister so she could bring it to the party. It went out in the mail last Wednesday and was received Friday – and the shower was yesterday! (Me doing my happy dance!)

Ta Da! The “Love & Kisses” Baby Blanket

I’ve worked on this Hearts ZigZag stitch baby blanket for the last three weeks or so. I love the end result, and now that I’ve finally finished it, I’ll know better what to do in the future if I should ever decide to make this again – give myself plenty of time (considering this stitch is made up mainly of single crochets) and to go up at least one hook size to save my poor arthritic thumbs! I also included one of the Cuddly-Baby amigurumi dolls by Lilleliis that I made a while back.

For a reward (and to give my still aching thumbs a MUCH needed rest), I bought a present for myself of a butterfly cross stitch kit from Rachel Nichols of LeiaPatterns. She has a delightful assortment of cross stitch items, and you can just buy the pattern or the kit (with or without a hoop). She also carries adorable needle minders, wooden pendant blanks to cross stitch, and 20% off your first purchase for joining her email club.

Rainbow Cross Stitch Butterfly by LeiaPatterns

I have already started the butterfly, and even though I haven’t done any counted cross stitch in a long time, it seems like it’s going ok. The colors are beautiful and vibrant, and I really can’t wait to finish. Best of all, my thumbs aren’t complaining!

As always, happy crocheting!

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Charlles ...

Beautiful :)

Nova55 ...

Thank you!

Charlles ...

you’re welcome

HavasuHooker ...

The blanket is a Kim Guzman design, isn’t it? If so, I have that in an old WIP bin. You inspire me to get it done! Very pretty.

Nova55 ...

Yes, I do believe that Kim Guzman was the original designer of this stitch, but I’m not sure if her pattern is still available. In my internet wanderings I found a Spanish speaking mother-daughter duo video showing how to do this stitch, and it was done well enough that I could follow it. The stitch is a lot of work, but I think it’s definitely worth it!