Inspirations #8: Pretty in Pink

I’m late. As some of you that follow me may have noticed, I have done several blog posts using a “national day” as a theme. Well, March 1st was National Pig Day and I missed it. The reason this is a big deal is that my mom loves pigs (Hi, Mom!) and has a wonderful collection of them. They’re mostly ceramic figurines, but she has a few other items too – like the iron flying pig doorstop or the pig-weighing-herself salt and pepper shaker, for example. Quite a while ago now my mom told all of us not to give her anymore pigs because she felt she had more than enough. I don’t always abide by that wish, but I’m sure she’ll find this “ode to the pig” blog post quite acceptable!

Baby pig found on Pinterest – inspiration only, darn it!

Pig Amigurumi CAL by Brenna Eaves

Clown pig – inspiration only

Adorable key ring by Duls Stuff , inspiration only

Willie the Pig by Lan Lien, free pattern

Friends from Instagram , inspiration

Sweet Pig Lovey by Maiko

Pippa Pig by Little Aqua girl

Pig bookmark I gave my mom, pattern from Ashlea of HeartHookHome

No post about pigs would be complete without Piglet! Free pattern from "Holly’s Hobbies ":

Hope you all had a wonderful National Pig Day, and celebrated it by enjoying our porcine friends in whatever way you deemed appropriate!

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