R2D2's Crochet Blanket Journey #1: Why I Am Making My First Pixel Afghan

While I was finishing off my The Art of Crochet Throw – Click To View
My middle child, who is 6, who is obsessed with Star Wars, asked me to make him a blanket, as his younger brother has had one made and so had his older sister. Before anyone thinks I’ve left him out, I haven’t, it’s just I have asked him several times, if he had wanted a blanket and every time, he’s said no!

It wasn’t until a week before Christmas 2017, he eventually came up to me, and asked would I make him a blanket in the new year. So I eventually took to my graph squared paper. I had been deliberating over where or not to try a pixel throw after seeing The Mario Blanket from CrochetedBlankets101 on Instagram.

So I drafted out the photo below, where the green squares are, is actually going to be white. (it was just easier to count the squares!)

So now that I have ordered yarn from The Little Wool Shop online – click here
let’s begin…

Wish me luck!

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HavasuHooker ...

How’s it coming?

CrochetNikki ...

It’s coming along fab thank you, sorry for the late response, life and health issues starting to get in the way, so not much time for crocheting! But so far, so good!

What do you think?
First attempt at a pixel blanket

See here: http://res.cloudinary.com/cc/f_auto/31239262_1958995887747630_6671934439649443840_n_lpmvgw.jpg!