Inspirations #7: For the Penguins

Yes, today is Penguin Awareness Day in the good old USA. See how enlightening this little blog can be?! Anyway, people are encouraged to think, read, discuss, or watch programs about these delightful creatures, but you are not required to dress in a tuxedo. There are even a whole array of jokes about penguins – most of them real groaners – such as “Q: What’s a penguin’s favorite relative? A: Aunt Arctica!” (more of those available here ).

Of course, my interest lies in the crocheted versions of the formally dressed flightless birds. So, without further ado, I present ..The Penguin -

So cute! Paid pattern from Make It Easy here

Just adorable hat, but inspiration only – photo here

Cute and comical trio from Stephi’s Koestlichkeiten, free pattern in English here

Baby set from Missy1107, product only here

Precious baby penguin from Havva Designs, paid pattern here

Charming kiddie clutch from Sarah at Repeat Crafter Me, free pattern here

Skipper of Madagascar fame from World Dreamer, free pattern here

Sweet little applique! Product only from Savo Designs here

Charming micro family from SuAmi, product only available here

Darling rug from Irarott Designs, paid pattern here

Have a jolly (crocheted) penguin day!

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