"OH! This Shouldn't be Too Hard" #1: What Have I Done?

I have 4 blankets on the go currently. 3 are just single crochet blankets, nothing too fancy. I also have a bobble stitch blanket (pattern here: Blackberry Salad Striped Baby Blanket )

that I have found a bit difficult to keep track of, so I’ve set it aside for now.

Now, I have committed to make a blanket for a raffle, and I wanted something that was simple to do, but a teeny bit impressive — some seasoned crocheters are going to see it. So, I saw this adorable pattern that I just thought was perfect. Faeries pattern.

It is just a mixture of stitches a row at a time. I thought to myself ‘I know stitches!!! I can whip this up."
I wasn’t wrong, but I wasn’t quite right either.

So far, all of the blankets I have finished are either larger sized needles or bulky or super bulky yarn (often large needles and thick yarn together). So they came together quite quickly. This one is 54 rows of different stitches, a lot of them I’ve never tried before. So, this has been a challenge, and is taken a bit longer than I had expected, but it is coming along. More to come…

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My advice: Believe in yourself, believe in someone else, let someone believe in you.

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Debbie Pribele ...

this is awesome — and look at all the stitches you are now able to do!!! Bravo.

and I “LOVE” the first one … can’t wait to see it finished. LOVELY!

MandaPanda ...

I’ve unfortunately used the yarn i was using for the Blackberry Blanket for the Faerie blanket….
but I will revisit that stitch, I love it!