Inspirations #5: For the Paranormally Inclined

I realize that Halloween is coming up pretty fast, especially for those planning to create costumes and/or decorations for this annual “ode to spirits that have passed”. However, in my wanderings around the internet I discovered that there is a National Ghost Hunting Day, celebrated on the last Saturday of September (this year, the 30th). This is a fledgling holiday, officially created in July 2016, but with a seemingly robust following (check out for more info). So in keeping with the “spirit” of the day, I have chosen to do a little of my own ghost hunting – of the crochet variety, of course!

Whimsical Boo Ghosts by Beverly Mewhorter, free pattern at

I wouldn’t mind a visit from this Casper-inspired ghost! From Ophelie at

Could a ghost get any cuter? From The Itsy Bitsy Spider at

Adorable baby hat inspiration from Soap and Stitch on Etsy –

What a dapper fellow! Halloween Ghost free pattern at

Who wouldn’t keep themselves cozy with this on a Halloween night? By Maggie’s Crochet at

If you’re looking for a sexy ghost, Little Miss Spooky is here!

Who could forget Zero – in a lovey form, no less! Free pattern from Jamie Hackford at

And this little sweetheart comes from Gateando Crochet at " ":http://
(I used this pattern to make the boy and girl ghost in the pumpkin below!)

I ain’t ’fraid of no ghosts! Classic “Ghostbusters” logo free design by Trifles n Treasures,

I hope you enjoyed this little ghost tour and possibly found a little friend to crochet. Oh, yes – and happy hunting on the 30th!

If you enjoyed this blog post, come on over and see the rest at Thank you!

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