Inspirations #3: Perchance to Dream

I’m still in the process of making the afghan for my nephew and his soon-to-be new wife – I think I’m safe to say that because I don’t believe either one of them follow this blog! – and so I thought that doing a piece on dreamcatchers would be very appropriate for everyone’s mid-summer reveries. Enjoy!

Black Magic Boho Dreamcatcher by CleanS18 at

Many dreamcatchers have feathers – why not make your own?

Monochromatic design by Marion van Kooten-Stok at http://

Dreams of blue are on your way –

Erin Black’s Dream a Little Dream at Dream A Little Dream Dreamcatcher

Lovely and lacy Dream Weaver’s design at http://

Not a dreamcatcher, but wouldn’t it make a fantastic one? Starflower Mandala from Zelna Olivier, free pattern at

Dreamcatcher on steroids! By AGAAZRA at

Even the iconic Granny Stitch gets to show off! Rainbow Granny Spiral Sun Catcher by Jaime Ramsey at

Pleasant dreams everyone!

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