COLLABORATION Entrelac STAR OF BETHLEHEM quilt #1: The Inspiration

CrochetDevee recently posted the following and I was “hooked” (ha, get the pun?)

I have tried entrelac crochet several times, as it is Tunisian Crochet that you can do on a regular hook, and seeing this beautiful quilt, I just had to try again.

My Mom (who is 89) and my aunt have quilted for decades and I just have not had the interest in following in their footsteps. Fortunately, my daughter and niece have taken up the craft so it will continue into the next generation at least.
But .. I have always loved the traditional quilt patterns and have always wanted to make a crochet version. CrochetDevee’s creation reminds me of “The Star of Bethlehem” quilt pattern and so I am determined to make this attempt at entrelac be a success!

CrochetDevee has given us a quick tutorial on how to get started and how to make the quilt. I have already adapted it a wee little bit, as I found it difficult to work into the magic ring without having a row of single crochet stitches to work with. But, I’m getting ahead of myself.

Let’s get started.

The Yarn
First step is deciding what colours to use in the quilt. I think CrochetDevee used 7 different colours. I like how she used the black (?) for her centre and then just one other row in this colour as a highlighted row.
Here are some inspirations from Star of Bethlehem quilts: LINK

As I have not made this afghan before, I’m not exactly sure how much yarn is needed and, of course, it depends on how big you are going to make it. You can just do a doily size (or doily sizeS and join them together to make a quilt) or you can make a lapghan, or baby quilt, or go for the queen or king size version.

If anyone has some tips or links that help with calculating yarn quantity, please share below.

The Hook
As I mentioned, with this entrelac Tunisian crochet, you can do it on a regular hook. The suggestion for Tunisian is to go up 2 hook sizes so that the finished product isn’t too tight.
I want to use my Pony hook and the largest the make is a 5MM so that is what I’ll be using. Maybe I’ll buy some finer yarn than what I usually use, for this project.

So there we have it: the inspiration, the basic directions, the yarn and the hook. We are ready to go!

I will be sharing my progress in upcoming blogs and you can follow along and share, as we go! If you get ahead of me, that’s ok… just post in the latest blog series entry. Once we get past the second row of blocks, it is just repeating the pattern… until you get the size you want!

Happy ENTRELAC-ing!

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granny52 ...

I think you are like me. I have my Mom’s quilt books, I have been thinking of doing different blocks in crochet. But I’m like you, like the Star of Bethleham. In some of my Mom’s books are different star patterns. Which I would like to do. It was a series of patterns, but you don’t know which one to do.

Debbie Pribele ...

So many options!
I hope that once I get this one done that I will have ideas as to how to do variations

granny52 ...

It’s addicting, once you get going. I have done the square entrelac, which is nice too.

granny52 ...

You can also do the blanket then put the star on after. I made the afghan bigger then the star is put on after. Sorry don’t have a picture.

CrochetDevee ...

might be worth a try
I am still working on the 5 point star as I am enjoying the way the yarn is working up

Debbie Pribele ...

I think I will give it a try … before I get TOO far along on this one.