Two Generations of Jersey Girl Crocheters #2: ' A True ' E ' Or Not A True ' E ' ... That Is The Ultimate Question.

Hello everyone! Between Mom and I, we decided to try and post about our crochet adventures at least once a week.

Our past week has cut a bit short on available crochet time, because while we were last crocheting together, there was a loud crash from the back side of my house. At the time, we both thought it was ice sliding off of the roof due to the recent icestorm. Came to find out a short time later, that approximately one third of the gutter decided to leave the back of my home and hang dangerously flapping in the wind with rather long nails poking every which way. So, in addition to continuing to move forward in my career change in to NJ real estate and find an employing broker, I am now dealing with gutter replacement.

However, while we were crocheting, I realized that not all hooks are created ’ equal ’. Mom had an ’ E ’ hook in her stash, but I did not and ended up purchasing two, just in case she needed one. We both decided to use the new ’ E ’s and just set the remainder ’ vintage ’ one aside. A bit later, I happened to noticed that the ’ vintage ’ E hook, which was of the Boye company name, seems to be a lot thicker overall than the newly purchased Susan Bates company ’ E ’ hooks. Not a big deal, as we each plan to stick with the same hook, but I am a bit intrigued as to why there is a noticable difference.

( I need to brush up on my photography skills, so that’s another great reason for me to blog … my instructors at NYIP would have a fit if they saw these pics. )

With all that has been going on, we each only have five of the 30 squares completed, but are spending time together tomorrow to do some serious hooking. Aha ha ha ha ha … sorry, couldn’t resist.

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Debbie Pribele ...

argh .. just like clothing sizes!! Why can’t companies be consistent?

I also am frustrated at a “4” category of yarns containing such a diverse range of yarn thicknesses.