Two Generations of Jersey Girl Crocheters #1: Stepping Back to the Future with Granny Squares - Intro

Thanking Debbie Pribele for this great idea and opportunity !

Hi everyone! I’m blessed to have the best crochet teacher worldwide; none other than my Mom, Rose Marie Mahaydik. She taught me basics when I was around 7 and I will be turning the big 50 this August. She’ll be turning 82 in March and is as sharp as a tack and then some.

Over the years, we’ve both crocheted ( and knitted, cross-stitched, tatted, embroidered and even quilted together ) and have each left crafts at times for years, but always manage to find our way back. In 2015, I came back to crochet, after a life setback ( loss of career due to employer bankruptcy ). At that time, I realized how theraputic crafting truly is.

While I am still continuing to settle in to ’ Mary’s Career 2.0 ’ ( New Jersey real estate ), we are still finding time to crochet together. Most recently, I realized that neither Mom nor myself have ever successfully ventured in to the world of granny squares. For myself, I just never tried them, while Mom did … and well, to quote her, " They never seemed to end up square … so I gave up. "

Noticing our American Girl Dolls ( we each have ones representing our eras ), I thought, " Hmm, how hard could it be to crochet something for them? " Valentine’s Day is in the near future and we both eat too much candy as it is. We should each crochet something for our dolls.

I went online and first started searching out free and low cost patterns for American Girl Doll outfits, but really didn’t see anything that called to me. Then … BOOM … I found a free .pdf leaflet for a Granny Square blanket for the AG Doll. The pink girly light bulb blinked on over my head and I ran to tell my Mom how we were celebrating Valentine’s Day this year.

We made a day of going to lunch and buying each other needed supplies. Then, I tried two semi-sample granny squares on my own just to be sure I could do it. Let me state here that I am a very, very casual crafter in that, I feel as long as the finished project stays intact and looks like it’s supposed too .. I’m happy.

Happy with my results, we planned to spend the ice storm on Sunday, February 12th 2017, with my tutoring Mom on crocheting her very first granny square! As you can see by the picture, Mom was a great student! She now has ’ only ’ 29 more granny squares to go, while I have ’ only ’ 27 left to complete. Wonder what mischief and memories the two of us can find together ? Please stay tuned for future posts!

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Debbie Pribele ...

and they both look “square”!
Well done, ladies
(love the blog, by the way… )

meanjaws ...

Way to go ladies

Mary Pauline M ...

Thank you both! Believe us, no one was more surprised than us that the finished pieces actually look similar to one another!

Debbie Pribele ...

two thumbs up to you both!