My Little Valentine

Last year I posted several fantastic crocheted hearts for Valentine’s Day (see “For the Sweethearts” at, but I didn’t really want to repeat that, lovely as it was. So for this year I decided to gather some adorable, amusing, and all around delightful examples of small, miniature, or micro crochet to honor the romantic holiday.

Found on Pinterest by

I just love these two! I copied them from Pinterest (where I’ve gotten all these pics), but I couldn’t find where they originally came from. If you know, please post the info in the comments section. And as an added bonus, several of the following offer free patterns!

Micro Heart by Kim Lapsley at

Bigli Milgli FaceBook Character by Elfin Thread at

Valentines Necklace from HoKiou at etsy –

Little Lovebirds by Flo and Dot at Sarah-Jane Hicks Ravelry store,

Heart Bookmark at

Sweetheart Scarf from TheHatandI

Miniature Crochet Bird by Jose Heroys at Take the time to check out this site – Amazing crochet!

Lips Amigurumi by Kat Jorge-Rodriguez at

And with those lovely lips, I will blow you all a big kiss and wish you a happy Valentine’s Day!

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