The Crazy Crochet Journey #6: Twenty Sales Mark and More!

Hello, friends! It’s been a super long time since I have been on Crochet Community. I’ve missed you all so much! :) So my first announcement is that I have reached the 20 sales mark on Etsy! Yay! When I first opened my shop in January, I didn’t even think I would live to see the day that I reached 20 sales (or even 10 for that matter). I thank everyone who has been supporting me through my Etsy journey!
Since I have started my other job, I have not been crocheting as much. It’s unfortunate, but true. Also, I have been suffering from neck pain for months now. Crocheting for long periods of time aggravates the condition. However, I haven’t given up on crochet! It’s to much fun for that. I have recently gotten an offer to set up a display of my crochet for sale in a local shop, which I am working towards taking advantage of. Hopefully it all works out. Prayers are appreciated!!
If you haven’t visited my Etsy or Craftsy stores, I ask you to please visit if you have the time! Thanks again to everyone! Have a wonderful week!

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how wonderful – congratulations on the 20 and on the store offer!!!
Now, to fix up that neck pain.