Deathflake Tunisian "In the Round" Afghan #2: Section 2

Now that we have the centre section of the afghan complete, we move into the actual Deathflake design! This is exciting.

Before we get to that, just a personal note: As I said, this is for my granddaughter’s birthday, which is in September. Lots of time, I do believe. … However!!!! My daughter and family are going to be visiting them this summer (my son and family live on the other side of the country, far, far away) and that means that I have to have this completed by mid-July, if I want to save on shipping fees! Now, that may seem easy to do, but remember that it is SUMMER and I wanted to spend my time in my gardens this year. No pressure.

Ok… back to the afghan.

We left off with 36 stitches between the corner increases. The Deathflake pattern is 29 stitches.

1. It is a good idea to print off the Deathflake pattern so you can highlight the rows as you complete them. LINK

Thanks, again, to Art Fiend for this design: LINK

2. The black squares on the pattern will be the Tunisian Reverse Stitch, working into the back of the loops. This brings the white yarn forward, creating a raised design. It should be really cool — crossing my fingers still.

3. Get in the habit of checking each side before moving to the next. Having to pull out 4 sides when you discover an error will really be a pain when you get working 400+ stitches per row. Not only check the pattern but also how things line up with the row below.

Deathflake Pattern
Row 1: (you have completed the corner increase as usual) TK 4 stitches; follow the pattern; TK to end and complete the corner increase as usual.
The first row looks like this:
TK 4 stitches; TR 1; TK 2; TR1; TK 6; TR2; TK 5; TR 2; TK 6; TR 1; TK 2; TR 1; TK to end and complete the corner increase.

Repeat this pattern for all four sides and then follow the pattern for the next 28 rows. I think that we, then, end up with 90 stitches between the corner increases. (it should be close.)
(Note: remember that the first stitch section (the TK4) will increase on each row, so don’t just count in 4 stitches each time!)

Good luck! I hope there isn’t too much/any “ripping out” for this section.

Knit Stitch (working into the middle of the stitch loop)

Reverse Stitch (working into the back of the stitch)

Debbie (life & crocheting have a lot in common: it's all about one stitch at a time.)

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Debbie Pribele ...

I just did the “jaw” of the skulls .. yippee!! A few more rows, later today, and I will get to see how well the Tunisian, with a 9mm hook, works with this pattern!

MandaPanda ...

OH! Its tunisian?! I missed that part. That’s awesome. good luck!

Debbie Pribele ...

hehe thus the title “Deathflake Tunisian”

Debbie Pribele ...

I’ve just finished the first skull and I can stop holding my breath …. it looks like a skull!! It looks like a Deathflake.
I am so excited

Debbie Pribele ...

so close to being finished this section and I had to rip out a couple of rows and “do over”.
Why? Because I got cocky, after finishing the skull and did an entire side in straight Knit stitch - AND then did the next row as I was supposed to, never noticing the black line of the row below!
Later, I happened to hold it up to see the overall look and had that side at the top -- “DOH” ….
spent the rest of the evening pulling out and re-doing stitches. Sigh.

Debbie Pribele ...

here we go … section 2, completed
(background is a quilt my daughter is making)

MandaPanda ...

Amazing! well done…..

also duh to me, on the tunisian thing

Debbie Pribele ...