The Crazy Crochet Journey #4: Celebrating The 10 Sales Mark!

Hello, everyone! As you know, I started an Etsy shop about 3 months ago. It has taken a lot of work and support (from lovely people like yourselves) for me to get it to where it is today! Am I making daily sells? Well, no. Am I even making daily favorites? Well, that would have to be a no as well. So, why am I excited? Because, this morning, I made my 10th sale! Yes, this is huge in the Etsy world for me to have achieved 10 sales in less than a three month period! This sale came just when I was getting most discouraged. It just shows me again how you can never give up. Financially, my Etsy shop is becoming hard to keep up however and I am trying to decide what to do next. I’d love to keep it up if I can!
Secondly, I should be hearing back from a craft book publisher, who I sent some crochet designs to, soon! I’m nervous and excited!
Thanks again to everyone who follows me and encourages me! It is greatly appreciated! If you would like to visit my Craftsy store or my Etsy shop, check out the links below. Have a great day! :)

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CharleeBelle's ...

Thanks so much!

Debbie Pribele ...

that is AWESOME!!!!

(and I, too, can’t wait to hear from the publisher)

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Thank you!

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jane ...

That awesome CharleeAnn!

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Thank y’all!