So here I am!

I thought I would say why it is I do what I do.

First and foremost I crochet for escape, avoid depression a sense of accomplishment (insert any other self affirming reasons here).

Sometimes I like to escape from the mundanity that is my life. If I have no other engagements or things I can escape my house with, I crochet.

I am running into a problem though, pain. My wrists, hands, elbow, well really from the base of my neck to the tips of my fingers hurt if I get on a roll. I am not sure what to do about it though. If I see a doctor and they tell me to stop crocheting, how do I fill that self medicating component that my yarn and hook provide me?

I also have pretty severe ADD. I either cannot focus on anything for long or hyper focus on something. It also has this strange effect on my crafting. I get bored easily. I hardly ever repeat a project. Almost never complete the 2nd, slipper, mitten, sock etc. And that causes me to spend hours searching for the high I get from that just right pattern.

Well now I have it in my head to look for a project. Be back another time for more musing.

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03boyzmom ...

Thanks! Might try that.

Debbie Pribele ...

I use essential oils. Love them.

Elizabeth (Betty) Weeks ...

I have similar problems especially when I crochet. Knitting is as bad. I think the constant repetition of the one hand movement in crochet has caused my tendonitis, so I can only crochet a few rows at a time. Using two needles in knitting doesn’t seem to bother my hands and arms as much. I wear crafters gloves and take naproxen for the pain.