Tunisian Crochet In The Round #3: It begins

Well, I’ve taken the plunge!
Now, I’m not going to tell you what I’ve decided to make, in case it doesn’t look like the intention and it becomes a back-up plan. So, when I am finished, the creation will be exactly what it was supposed to be, right from the start!

Ok.. so… Creating the chain, working into the spines, went well. √
And then I had to join it into a circle. It isn’t pretty but I do have a circle.

Next… if you know Tunisian, you know that it will curl. Yes, it curled.. Yes, I knew it was going to curl. Did that make it any less uncomfortable? No…. was I doing something wrong? Should I be doing something to fix it? Argh.

It wasn’t until row 4 or 5 that things started coming together and then the words of Vivian (my inspiration, posted in the last blog) popped into my head: It’s like eating popcorn.
So true – you can’t stop. Why? Because you can’t really see the row you are working on until you add the next row, so you want to do that next one and then the next one and the next.

Here is my progress so far.
(Love the reverse pattern on back/front)

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