Crochet.Community Interview: Nicole

This interview, with Nicole, is from August, 2015.

1. Tell us a little about yourself
I’m a newly single mother of 3 wonderful boys, ages 8, 3, and 8 months old. My middle son has Down Syndrome, but its more of a typical boy than most would give him credit for. I recently became a stay-at-home mom, and moved with my children to New Hampshire, and am loving every minute spent with my kids. They are truly the glue that has been holding me together these past few months, even if they can put me on edge sometimes. Ha-ha.

2. What is your “inspiration story” — where did your interest in crocheting all begin?
I started crocheting when I was about 7 or 8. I was taught by my mother, which was a bit difficult because she is right-handed, and I am left-handed. But I’ve managed to tweak things here and there to fit being a lefty. I guess you could say that my having her teach me how to crochet was in a way, my own cry for attention from her. I just wanted to be able to say “my mom taught me this” and be proud knowing she only taught me, and not my older sister. But now, I just really see it as a way to relax…start a crochet project while reading a good book on a nice cold evening once the children are in bed (yes, I know, a bit over the top to do both, but it keeps me from stress-eating lol).

3. What is your dream project?
I think my dream project would really be to learn how to make my own designs, and have people actually go “could you teach me how to do that?” And up second, I’d love to learn how to make clothes (currently can only do a few afghan/scarf designs).

4. What has been your greatest challenge so far and how did you overcome it?
I’d have to say that my biggest challenge with crocheting has been that, being a lefty, when ever I want to learn new designs, I need to tweak them slightly due to the fact that if it shows a diagram for the design, it shows righty only, and (I know I do this sometimes) I tend to do the way the righty does and not the way lefty should.

5. What is the greatest gift that crocheting has given you?
The greatest gift that crocheting has given me would have to be its given me an outlet that’s not only de-stressing, but its given me a way to help raise awareness for Down Syndrome. I sell my afghans at times as a way to raise money for the Down Syndrome Walk. It’s kind of my little way to give back to the down syndrome community for the help its given me.

6. What words of wisdom do you have for someone beginning to crochet?
I have a few words of wisdom for those beginners out there: never be afraid to try something new, to ask for help, or THINK you’re not “good enough”. No one is perfect. And definitely don’t listen to those who try to say " you’re not good enough ", or " you’re never going to learn it". Everything takes time and practice. No one speaks louder against you than those who are afraid to try/ask for help themselves.

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CrochetNikki ...

Absolutely lovely to meet you!
You have made some beautiful creations!
I look forward to chatting and connecting with you here on the site!