Exciting Order #2: Practice makes perfect ...sometimes!

So no delivery yet, hopefully will be here soon as Wool Warehouse are usually pretty speedy! I. The meantime I decide to have a go with some of the same brand cotton we’ve ordered.

This is where I’ve got to so far…Without any major problems (I did miss one of the trebles though, hasn’t made much/any difference)
However, I am stuck – boo! I’m up to the straps, and if you look at the photo in the tutorial (you can find on blog post #1. I’m on iPad atm) her chain 3 is on alternate rows, whereas if I follow the pattern correct, doing the two rows – 3tr sk 2 ect, and the dc across, it makes my chain 3’s on the same side.

I have frogged it back in this photo though, so hopefully you can still see what I mean!

So before I know whether this is right, I can’t go any further (boo again!)

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Happy Hooking x

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Debbie Pribele ...

silver lining: you are stuck “on the practice piece” and not on the real thing.

Debbie Pribele ...

not sure if this helps .. in her pattern I count 13 rows and in your practice piece, I count 12

Amie Jane ...

With the main ‘body’ of it, you need 26 rows, ending on a dc around row. Which is what I have… I’m stuck on the strap, but have emailed her so hoping to get a response soon! Also going to put on the FB groups to see if anyone can help :)

Amie Jane ...

Think I’ve got it sorted, just need my break to hurry up so I can start hooking and see if I’m right!

Debbie Pribele ...

I hope your plan works!!!

Amie Jane ...

Progress has been made!

Think I’m going to use this side as the back though, and make the other side of straps a bit longer, as it seems as though they are going to be too short

(I even tried it on, and I’m loving it so far!)

Amie Jane ...

So far so good! Please excuse the photo of me, I’m just excited to be successful at clothing for a change! Now for the tricky part… The lacy bottom, wish me luck

Martin Sojka ...

Good luck on the bottom. Looks good so far :)