Exciting Order #1: Order Placed!

Whilst looking through numerous wool sites, and getting my freebies from Berger De France a lady I work with asked if I could make her a top.

She looked through a few patterns I had stored and fell in love with this one (as did I when I first found it!)

Pattern: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/ballerina-top-adult-size-free-pattern

I’m excited to do this, as I wanted one for myself since I saw it but haven’t got round to doing it, with the many other projects I have on the go at the minute! So there and then she purchased some wool – Drops cotton in a lovely shade ‘Grape’ , that is on offer at Wool Warehouse! Which of course, helps to make it a little cheaper!

I’ll keep you updated on how I get on with this!

Happy hooking x

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Happy Hooking x

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Martin Sojka ...

wow, looks amazing. congrats!

and sure keep us posted on your progress .. I suggest blog series :)

Amie Jane ...

Good idea… * Edit, new series * :)

Debbie Pribele ...

that IS adorable!!!

Looking forward to following your blog.

Martin Sojka ...

How’s it going, Amie? Any progress?

Amie Jane ...

No, no delivery yet! But I am having a sneaky go for myself as practice!

Debbie Pribele ...

perhaps you could show us the sneak practice …. and any challenges you are meeting

jazzzi ...

Gorgeous, top!!!! I just signed up , so new to this online community. I just got back into knitting and crocheting after moving, now sorting thru stacks of books for EZ fast , bazaar worthy patterns for a winter fundraiser at our church for kids that can’t afford it ,to go camp for a week next summer. Most items I found take too long to make, as we’ll need a good amount of items to sell. A small handfull of us here have different crafts we do and want to make small items that are irresistable , useful or cute that people can easily afford. We of course are going to donate as much from our own supplies before we have to buy more, unfortunately I donated most of my stash last year, so kind of starting over. Going to check out garage sales and local thrift store to see what supplies I can find.