Crochet.Community Collaboration #2 - Granny Squares #1: Granny Square Sampler Blanket -- Collaboration Style

I found some interest in another collaboration project …. so, here we go again!!!

The Creation
We will be creating a queen-size blanket/bedspread, designing it together!

The Process

  • each week, we will select one 5" granny square pattern to include in the blanket
  • we will then create 7 squares with the selected pattern.
  • at the end of the 52 weeks, we will have 364 squares
  • with 18 squares wide & 19 squares long, we will have a beautiful blanket (to put together) plus some extras for a pillow, runner, or something

The Collaboration
Together, we will design/select 52 different types of squares for the creation, whether that is just with design or colour combinations, which we will also need to decide on.

First Things First: Colours: How many colours do we want to include in our blanket?
A: 1 (monochromatic)
B: 3 plus 1 for borders = 4 colours
C: 4 plus 1 for borders = 5 colours
D: 5 plus 1 for borders = 6 colours
E: other (ex. any colours you want)
(the actual colours that you use, will be up to you but you will be limited to the number that we select together)

That’s how I see it anyway. Thoughts?

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Debbie (life & crocheting have a lot in common: it's all about one stitch at a time.)

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Gail ...

I would love it. I love granny squares!!

Debbie Pribele ...

awesome! Our collaboration group is growing :)

Vicky ...

I can’t wait to start it! I have been wanting to do a bedspread! Thank you for doing this.

Debbie Pribele ...

any thoughts re: process and colours?

Debbie Pribele ...

GAIL you were first to post, here… so, once we decide on how many colours we will be using, you get to be the first person to pick a granny square pattern… start your researching :)

(how does that sound, for a process? I’ll ask one person per week to select a pattern)

Vicky ...

I am thinking 3-4 colors. 3 main colors and 1 to join the squares. Just a thought

Jo Schrepfer ...

Oh this should be fun….I want in. I can’t have an opinion on colors. Crazy crochet person love to use lots and lots of colors.

Jeri ...

may i join in this collaboration?

Debbie Pribele ...

JO >> ah, that would be an opinion!!! :D option “e”, I do believe >> Other.

So we now have 1 vote for “any number of colours that you choose”

JERI absolutely!

Jeri ...

yay !! thank you, can’t wait to start this project :)

Debbie Pribele ...

well, you can start by voicing your opinion on how we want to do the colours :D :D

Debbie Pribele ...

there are a LOT of very pretty squares to choose from!! oh my.

Von Vonne ...

3 colors + border, as a assume most of us have a stash we can bust and won’t cost anything out of pocket; also I advocate for a join as you go technique for assembly.

flamingfountain1 ...

I was thinking 5, using the strongest color for the border.

Debbie Pribele ...

Tally so far. We will end the tally tomorrow evening.
A (monochromatic) 0
B (3+1) 1
C (4+1) 0
D (5+1) 1
E (as many as you want) 1