This is really just a personal rant because I need a place to release some frustration and not too many people around me understand this type of frustration.

I am working on a really cute little baby sweater. As I get into the pattern, it seems the person is talking in circles and I CANNOT understand what they are trying to say to me. It really frustrates me. I am short, sweet and to the point. If I have a question, I usually figure it out.

Anyway, by process of trial and error, I finally figured out what the pattern was saying, and I have literally re-written the pattern for myself so I can follow it again in the future if I decide to make this again.

The other problem I have is that some patterns ‘over-explain’ what to do. I got a pattern for a precious little baby dress, and it was 32 pages long!!!!!!! They had literally written out every step, including repeats. When patterns get too wordy, they frustrate me because I lose my place and make mistakes. Explanations can be made in the pre-instructions if necessary. That is why so many patterns have stitch abbreviation charts with explanations of how to make the stitch. I have thrown out patterns like this, even though the item is adorable. Or, I rewrite the pattern for myself, (which is time consuming), but if it is something I know I will use again, I will go through the trouble.

I guess that is why I so often make things “from out of my imagination” rather than use patterns. I am very visual, so I have often just looked at a picture and recreated what I saw.

Does anyone else have this kind of issue? I don’t mean to be so picky, but it is my personal frustration.



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meanjaws ...

I have the same frustration . I’m a left handed crocheter and most patterns are for right handlers . The first stitch is always the hardest.

Nicole ...

Oh god yes! I am a lefty also, and if the pattern isn’t abbreviated and tells you “repeat from * to **” or “repeat [ to ] once, then * to ** until finished” type thing I won’t finish it! I refuse to. Cause its just too much. If its longer than say 2 pages, forget about it!

SandyG ...

I’m a leftie too… and sometimes I’m not sure which side of what they are talking about… just have to wing it and cross my fingers, sometimes. Usually turns out ok but I probably use more markers than most..

flamingfountain1 ...

I sure do appreciate you wonderful folks letting me rant, and am glad I am not alone in frustrations. You are wonderful people.

Nicole ...

We’re here when ever you need to let it out! Lol sometimes it’s just good to hear what other peoples problems are to see that maybe what you think is a big deal really is a big deal for others too

Debbie Pribele ...

it’s interesting how different people interpret things or record things.
I, personally, like the “keep it simple” approach and my descriptions ALWAYS make sense to me haha and sometimes leave others scratching their heads.

Charlotte Huffman ...

I agree with you. I get aggravated watching a video tutorial. I’m yelling at the video telling the person to hurry up and get to the point and quit repeating!! I taught myself to crochet with a book. I have currently completed the Sophie Universal CAL and sometimes there was just too much information given.

JenJen ...

I totally agree with you!! I have just started writing patterns and I try to not be too wordy and get to the point. I do not have many patterns yet. This kind of stuff helps pattern writers understand what other people want in patterns and such! You Rock!! Thanks for ranting :)

flamingfountain1 ...

Thank you for your comments. You have made me feel much better!

Esteesue ...

I completely agree with your rant. Wordy patterns are so time consuming and can make it, sometimes, confusing to follow. Recently completed a item that had every row listed. Every row was a exact repeat of the first row! Ugh!!