Crochet.Community Collaboration #1- Mandala 2015 #59: ROW 20: voting

Here we go… which row do you want to be next?
NOTE: Not sure if I got Sandy’s correct …. let me know and I’ll fix it up today

Option 1
Attach to sc at 1st dc of row 18; ch 4 (equal 1dc and ch); skip next sc; dc in next sc, ch 1; 3dc cluster in ch 3 loop; (skip next sc, dc in next sc, ch 1) 4 times; 3dc cluster in ch 3 loop. Repeat around. Attach with sl st to 3rd ch at beginning.

It a little “airier” than previous rows, but, I think it leaves room for a lot of ideas for row 21.

Option 2

5 dc in the “chain 3” loop; 3 dc in the middle stitch between the loop

Option 3
Join in Ch 3, sc, [skip next 3 sts, 2 dc in next st, 3 tr in next st, 2 dc in next st, sc in next ch 3 sp] around, and join with sl st to first sc.

Option 4
3 dc in ch 3 cluster, 1 dc , skip 1 sc (5 times ) repeat

Option 5
1. skip 3 sc after a chain 3 loop; triple crochet into next sc; chain 1; working in front of tr just made, , tr in the previous sc; tr into the sc before that (creating an X of sorts); chain 1;
2. skip 2 sc (after that first triple crochet, moving into a new “x” pattern) and tr into the next sc; chain 1; working in front of tr just made, , tr in the previous sc; tr into the sc before that; chain 1 and repeat step 1 leaving the chain 3 open.

This is a “one step forward, two steps back” pattern" and the results put 2 “x” patterns in-between each loop.
I didn’t work this all the way around but it looks like it will work for the circle. … and it leaves the “loop” to be worked into in future rows

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SandyG ...

I’ve tried all the patterns and my vote is for option 3.

flamingfountain1 ...

I like them all and have a hard time landing on a decision, but I so love the fancy and unusual. I think I vote for #5.

krim ...

I like number 3 that gets my vote.

meanjaws ...

I like them all but vote for # 3

Debbie Pribele ...

number 3 it is …. thanks for voting.

mickienala ...

  1. is my favorite