Crochet.Community Collaboration #1- Mandala 2015 #57: Row 20: brainstorming

row 19 √ (don’t forget to show us your progress photo!!!)

And, now, we are looking for ideas for “the next row”.
Brainstorming will take place today through Thursday and voting time is Friday-Sun.

  • Experiment with some options, take some photos and post your ideas
  • Experiment with the suggestions made by others to help with your selection on the weekend!
  • if you don’t know how to write the pattern, share your idea of what you’d like to add and someone will figure it out for you.
  • and, above all, have fun!

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Debbie (life & crocheting have a lot in common: it's all about one stitch at a time.)

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SandyG ...

Attach to sc at 1st dc of row 18; ch 4 (equal 1dc and ch); scip next sc; dc in next sc, ch 1; 3dc cluster in ch 3 loop; (scip next sc, dc in next sc, ch 1) 4 times; 3dc cluster in ch 3 loop. Repeat around. Attach with sl st to 3rd ch at beginning.

It a little “airier” than previous rows, but, I think it leaves room for a lot of ideas for row 21.

Debbie Pribele ...

5 dc in the “chain 3” loop; 3 dc in the middle stitch between the loops

SANDYG …we will get a picture added for you soon]

SandyG ...

Thank you, Debbie.

Weezy ...

Do you pick 4-5 colours at the start and stick with them?

Debbie Pribele ...

any option….some have chosen monochromatic…
I started out with yarns that I have used last year and running out of some, I’ve added in a new yarn instead …

BarbS ...

That is pretty! I’ll get one last WIP finished and then get to work on my mandala here. Fallen far behind, but I’ll catch up.

flamingfountain1 ...

Finally got caught up! Here is my suggestion:
Join in Ch 3, sc, [skip next 3 sts, 2 dc in next st, 3 tr in next st, 2 dc in next st, sc in next ch 3 sp] around, and join with sl st to first sc.

Debbie Pribele ...

SandyG … did I get this right?
(and question: is there a chain 1 before AND after the dc cluster?)

meanjaws ...

Sandy ’s row this is interesting 3 dc in ch 3 cluster, 1 dc , skip 1 sc (5 times ) repeat

meanjaws ...

Sandy’s row from her email
3 dc in ch 3 cluster, ch 1, ship 1 sc, 1 dc ,( 3 more times) 3 dc in ch 3 cluster

SandyG ...

Debbie, no ch before or after cluster… misspelling… should be “skip” . Should be 4 dc between each cluster (Skip both sc of 3 ch loop).

Thank you, Debbie,and meanjaws for the help and pictures.

meanjaws ...

Hi sandy you are welcome
That what I thought this site is all about
Too work, help and learn together as a team
and have fun working together

Debbie Pribele ...

thanks “team” :D

Debbie Pribele ...

I thought I’d try a version that left the little “chain 3” loops to be pulled into future rows.
I’m also experimenting with a pattern that I thought I’d incorporate so….. we have:

1. skip 3 sc after a chain 3 loop; triple crochet into next sc; chain 1; working in front of tr just made, , tr in the previous sc; tr into the sc before that (creating an X of sorts); chain 1;
2. skip 2 sc (after that first triple crochet, moving into a new “x” pattern) and tr into the next sc; chain 1; working in front of tr just made, , tr in the previous sc; tr into the sc before that; chain 1 and repeat step 1 leaving the chain 3 open.

This is a “one step forward, two steps back” pattern" and the result puts 2 “x” patterns in-between each loop.
I didn’t work this all the way around but it looks like it will work for the circle.

Weezy ...

Thank you , it’s great to see people interpretation of the same instruction . It’s really hard when you add English terminology into the mix ! I learnt US terms so if a pattern is written in English I get so confused . luckily most patterns come with the choice . I never even knew about the difference until a local older woman who works in the yarn shop ( can’t call this a store😉) snapped at me " THERE IS NO SINGLE CROCHET IN ENGLISH CROCHET!" 😳. Goodness and there wont be anyone learning if that’s your attitude lady….( Well that is left to be disputed) but no one will want taught by a woman with that approach ! She asked about my pattern and I said “it’s mostly single croch..” And she snapped I said " oh I never knew that it’s the way I was taught" she said " is your mother American" I said " no she’s Irish , that’s irrelevant because I learnt to crochet via YouTube " I could see she was about to spontainiously combust 😂 . I never go to that store anymore and thought there was no other shops locally so shopped online even buying yarn all the way from the states but recently I’ve found a little peice if heaven tucked away at the back of a hardwear store 😄
Sorry I do love a yarn lol . Back to thank you , Thank you Debbie for answering my question . I’m having to go back to the start I hope no one minds if I ask how you done it along the way ?