charity event! #1: Hosting Silent Auctions for Charity

I am hosting a SILENT AUCTION for this year’s Down Syndrome Buddy Walk in honor of my son, Michael. Our first afghan that is up for grabs is going to be my hexagon afghan (roughly twin sized), and am trying to raise as close to $100 as possible for it, due to the fact that its for charity.

If possible, please go to and “like” the page and invite at least 2 others to join in on the silent auction this weekend! I crochet to raise money for charity and would love to get the word spread! I am willing yo ship the Afghan to the winner of the silent auction! (Starts 5pm 4/10, and ends 5pm 4/12.)

And if anyone would like to donate afghans for further silent auctions, please let me know!

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  • Part 1: Hosting Silent Auctions for Charity

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Nicole ...

Debbie Pribele ...

best of luck with the auction

this is beautiful.

Nicole ...

Thank you!