How I found crochet.

Ok, so ive never blogged before. I thought a good start would be to explain how i first experienced crochet. So here goes…

The first time i ever attempted crochet was with my maternal grandmother. I was roughly 8 yrs old i think. I can’t remember much of it but one thing that does stick in my mind is her always telling me I was a loosey goose, My tension was atrocious, Yet when my paternal grandmother taught me to knit, i always did it too tight. After a few weeks of trying i gave up.

My daughter has just turned 9 and she sure is following in my crafty footsteps. She has mastered the foundation chain already. I would like her to progress a little further however, she is addicted to loom bands at this moment in time. What 9 yr old isn’t right? SHe recently won an award for creative queen in her class. An award that we were both very proud of.

A few years ago a magazine called learn to crochet came out. It was fortnightly with a 50g ball of wool with every issue. The aim of each issue was to crochet a square. Each issue would teach a different technique which you had to use for the square. Eventually the squares made a blanket (i didn’t get that far) I think i purchased the 1st issue for me and my mum. Its another thing that we have in common in our close relationship. I stopped collecting the magazine after issue 11 or 12. I felt quite confident at this point. This confidence then led me to youtube. On youtube i discovered a channel called bobwilson123, 1 word………. OMG!

Claire Wilson is the bomb!

Find out for yourself here

Since then my confidence has just grown and grown and i recently made up a few of my own patterns. Many of my items are on my craft page here

Who would have thought it…..


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Debbie Pribele ...

wonderful story … and what a great idea re: the magazine with the ball of wool. Somebody was brilliant!!

You sure have taken to crocheting now — wow.
And, I agree re: bobwilson123 — OMG :)

AND… I love the sun visor…. I should give it a try for my granddaughter.

Emma Stone ...

Yeah me and mum thought so too. She will shorlty be joining here. :-)

My sunvisor was a fail :-( I put one to many increase rounds on the peak so it turned out quite wavy. My daughters doll loves it though so at least ots in good use. X

Martin Sojka ...

Welcome to the world of blogging, Emma :)

Emma Stone ...

Diolch martin. :-)

Bobwilson123 ...

Thank you so much !