Chudames Craft Tutorials #2: Left Handed Triangle Bunting Tutorial

You read that right: Left Handed.
While working on a sign for a craft fair, I decided to take pictures of the process.

As a left-handed crocheter, I’ve found that it is hard to come across Left-Handed tutorials that are made by actual Lefties. Most photos and videos are just mirrored/flipped.

Though I’m thankful for these photos and videos, I decided that the best way to change this for fellow lefties, is to start doing it myself.

To any right-handed people that may be interested in learning crochet: The world is your oyster. Google away!

For the rest of us, here’s a rough start to my first tutorial.

US Terms

CH = Chain.
SC = Single Crochet.
DEC = Decrease.
SS = Slip Stitch

Check out my Step-By-Step tutorial on Cut Out + Keep:

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Debbie Pribele ...

woohoo.. .nice!!
Could have used this when I started out!
A great resource.

Chudames ...

Thank you!