My Crocheting Journal #3: Look What I Found!!!

now that the crocheting bug has hit me again … I rather enjoyed making those little sandals… I went searching for my yarn that I had stashed away. When looking for yarn for the sandals I only found a few balls of yarn and I knew I had lots more than that..

Well, I found my stash …. but look what was inside the one bag >>>

The beautiful blanket is about 1/4 or a 1/3 done … not sure what had me store it away, forgotten, but sadly I don’t think I have enough of the green and purple yarn to finish it. Not sure where the rest got to. I seem to have lots of the cream and should be enough to finish it … now what to do about the colours?

First, I’ll just have to crochet until it is gone …. in case it goes further than I think. Maybe when I get through it, the blanket will be large enough to be called a blanket and I get to stop there…
or maybe I’ll have to just try and find some colours that are really, really close and use them…

Regardless, whatever the end result, I’ll enjoy looking at it as the colours, for me, are so beautiful.
(The original pattern, Fireside Cheer, is white with red and blue accents.)
From “Afghans For All Seasons

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Debbie (life & crocheting have a lot in common: it's all about one stitch at a time.)

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mobilecrafts ...

that is beautiful

Debbie Pribele ...

thanks… I do hope I have enough yarn to finish it . .. but not holding my breath

Amie Jane ...

Hope you have enough to finish! If not, do you know what brand/s you used? Saving this pattern for ‘future use’ – it’s gorgeous!

Debbie Pribele ...

I have tucked this one away for a bit (doing another project) .. but I did an oops so rather than undoing the last few rows, I’m going to take out some middle sections and make is more of a lap blanket. It will still look gorgeous, just be smaller — and I’ll “for sure” have enough yarn!!