Crochet.Community Collaboration #1- Mandala 2015 #25: Row 9: voting

Row 9 — last of the single digits. Things are moving along!
This weekend we decide what our next row will look like, via your votes – and we have FIVE options to choose from this week!! NICE. Thanks, everyone.

Option 1
Join yarn in hdc next to dc cross from row 7. Ch 3 (counts as 1st dc), dc in same st behind the ch sts from row 8. [2 dc, trc, 2dc] in middle sc of 3 sc, {dc in next hdc from row 7 next to dc cross, dc in same st behind the ch sts from row 8. [2 dc, trc, 2dc] in middle sc of 3 sc} around. Sl st to first dc and Fo.

Option 2
Here is a set of plain shells worked all around:
Join new color at top of sc in the center of the 3sc group, chain 3 and work 4 dc in same space, for a 5 dc shell.
Skip 2 stitches and work sc in center of long chain of previous row.
Skip 2 stitches; 5 dc in next center sc of 3sc group. Continue around with 5dc shell in center sc of each 3sc group, and a sc in center of long chain.
(this photo is what I tried with 7dc shells, and it is too tight, waffling the edge. Each shell with only 5dc would work much better, if this is selected.)

Option 3
3sc in the top of the “3sc” stitches of the row before.
Then 3dc in the middle stitch, between the 3sc’s – working around the “chain 3”, with 1dc working in front of the chain 3, 1 dc working behind, and 1 dc working in front, again (all working into the same stitch)… repeat this pattern of 3sc; 3dc around the mandala.

I thought that the “in front/behind” emulated row 2, tying it into the pattern. Also, in our row 10 we could catch the chain 3 of row 8 that shows between the two “in front” dc’s .. if that makes sense. (you can see the chain 3 visible in the second image)

Option 4

  • (sc in middle of a 3sc space of Row 8, 3dc, sc, 3dc ,in the ch 3 space of Row 8 ) at 3 more times , 3 sc in next Ch3 space *
    Repeat from * to *

Option 5
Line up from puff st from Row 5, * 3 sc in Ch3 space, ( 3dc,sc 3dc, sc in middle of next 3 sc space , 2 more times,* 5 times in total

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BarbS ...

Wow. Any of these would work, but I’m going to vote for #1.

Audrey Lucier ...

To me it seems like option 4 & 5 should read (3 dc ch1 3 dc) not (3 dc sc 3 dc). I like them all but am choosing option 4

Genie48 ...

They’re all great, I choose 1.

lovetocreate ...

I prefer option 2 & 3. I choose option 3.

EllieJo ...


meanjaws ...

I’m going with option 4

Debbie Pribele ...

Thanks for voting

  1. it is.

Sue ...

Option 3