Crochet.Community Collaboration #1- Mandala 2015 #12: Row 5: Suggestions

Row 4 √ … and now it is time to design row 5.

Suggestions will be posted today through Thursday and voting will start on Friday.

  • Experiment with some options, take some photos and post your ideas (and let us know the total number of stitches in your design row)
  • Experiment with the suggestions made by others to help with your selection on the weekend!

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Debbie (life & crocheting have a lot in common: it's all about one stitch at a time.)

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Debbie Pribele ...

1. sc around, with an ADDED (elongated) SC (the increases) in-between the sets of two puff stitches of row 4. [52 stitches]

Debbie Pribele ...

2. sc around, with “chain 3” between the sets of two puff stitches of row 4.
This gives us a little loop to do something with in the next row – work over, work under, work around [55 stitches]

Debbie Pribele ...

3. sc until you get to the puff stitches; chain 2, 1 puff stitch between the two puff stitches of row 4; chain 2; sc to the next puff stitch. [55 stitches]
(this might look nice in the same colour as row 4… I didn’t try it, though)

lstryban ...

I like any of these. Leaning towards 1.

flamingfountain1 ...

Here is what I came up with….!

(sc 1st 4 st, ch 3, sc in same st and next 3 sc, puff stitch (as in previous row), seal with sl st, long dc in previous row between puff sts, puff st, sl st) 5X. sl st to join.

flamingfountain1 ...

Don’t exactly know how to post the photo. :(
Will take you to photo by clicking link.

Debbie Pribele ...

I fixed the link for you … you need a ! before and after the photo address
(or just use the IMG button and upload directly from your computer)