New "Introduce Yourself" Forum

An amazing idea came to our minds today and we are happy to implement it right away. We have launched a new Introduce Yourself Forum. I am really not sure why we came with this after such a long time, because a forum like this is a must have one. I believe that it will help us to know each other better.

Go ahead and introduce yourself NOW :)

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Oma ...

hi, I am Oma [grandma] and I am happy to have found this community. I love to crochet for my GGdaughter, for charity and some to sell. I live in Va, am ret. and like to keep busy.

airam ...

Im a stay at home mommy to my 3 year old daughter. Crochet is one of my favorite go to crafts, but we are always making something. Together. My hope is to one day begin to sell some of my projects on a regular basis. Im always loving the inspiration I get from other crafty individuals. I look forward to learn more as my days go on:) thank you

Michal Bulla ...

Nice to meet you! Welcome!

nana863 ...

Hi, my name is Nancy. I live in Maryland. I am so glad i found this site. I love sharing my projects with fellow crocheters.♥ I am an accountant by day. A crocheter by night and weekends. lol I am married to a wonderful supportive man, who is my biggest critic. He goes with me to all my craft fairs. I have one daughter and three beautiful grandchildren. I teach them many crafts. I look forward to learning more about this group as we share. Thank you. ☺

Michal Bulla ...

Hi Nancy, welcome to Crochet.Community ;) Your creations are beautiful ;)